Welcome to The Group Logistics Portal

The Group Logistics Portal is not a business disruptor. It enables and provides a business in its entirety the visibility to manage their internal and external expenditure, logistics suppliers and scale through one medium.

Group Logistics Portal provides a solution for the ease of Vehicle Movements.

Our solution provides a portal for dealers and for fleet management companies a single place to submit vehicles for movement.  Each movement is automatically made available to your vetted closed network of Logistic Companies who will accept and commit to your movement online.  You can choose your own preferred suppliers or add to the list from our partners as you increase your scale and demand using our profile pages of Logistic Providers.

No need to call or wait for a decision on a movement, simply launch the job to the logistics company/companies of your choice. The Portal is postcode and DVLA lookup enabled and it takes approximately 45 seconds to launch a movement and about 1 second for it to be confirmed by one of your suppliers.

All of your Logistics Providers agree to a Pre-Agreed Cost Matrix.

Group Logistics Portal also features a reporting suite for dealerships, divisional and head office expenditure and volume reports.

We can do this because all of your logistics providers are seeing all of your movements in one place, they can make decisions about joining up work without costly public transport commutes between jobs that one way or the other you are paying for. The logistics providers that you are currently using want this service as a paying car back to a dealer is far quicker and cheaper than a train ticket !!

All of your Logistics Providers agree to a Pre-Agreed Cost Matrix.

For Dealers and Fleet Managers we:

Control your Logistics costs

Help Centralise your Services

Provide a Portal to allow easy review of Service Levels

Give you the ability to Scale and find more Providers as needed

Provide a reporting suite for volume and expenditure


Our portal has been designed and created by experts in logistics and provides support for a range of logistic services including:

Covered Transported Movements

Vehicle Inspection with or without a Movement

General used car movements (Inter Group)

Corporate Deliveries including MoDel services

Transported Movements, General and Corporate

Appraisal and Payment Wait services

Same Day/Next Day

Demonstrator Movements

All the services offered are completed at a pre-agreed cost using your own preferred suppliers/closed network.

For Dealers and Fleet Managers we help:

Provide a Portal to allow easy loading and distribution of movements

Help Centralise your Services

Give you the Ability to Scale and find more Providers as Needed

Transparent Costs

If you’re serious about logistics you will be pleased to know that Group Logistics Portal is not an auction platform.  We pre-agree movement costs with your suppliers.  We vet new suppliers and monitor existing suppliers on an ongoing basis. The costs and suppliers available to you are shown for each movement when being submitted to the portal.

How many of your dealers are being charged different rates?

Keep In Control

Once a movement has been accepted you will be automatically notified which provider has agreed to the movement. The logistics company that has accepted the movement has made a conscious decision he can fulfil your requirement without any miscommunication or a telephone call being made.

You can also see all your movements and monitor their progress in one place.

Scale and Service Level

As demand increases and you need to scale your logistics movements you can review other providers and quickly add to your list of preferred suppliers based on their performance on our portal. You can also decide if you do not want a current provider to see any further job postings.

Not an Auction

We work closely with logistics companies across the UK to help create a solution that works for both you and the providers.  Logistics auctions rely on return cars or backfill at their convenience and lead to jobs not being accepted or confirmed.   We work on relationships and efficiencies that guarantees your network is committed to you all the time.  More details on our Pricing Page.

Due to a logistics provider being a part of your closed network, not only do they respect that you have committed to them they are more likely to have availability for you every time you post a movement, and yes this includes March and September!

See our Features Page for an overview of how our portal works and how we can help save you time and money whilst offering the ability to scale and monitor your movements.

If you feel that Group Logistics Portal can streamline what you do and would like to be more informed then please Register your interest.

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