Welcome to Group Logistics Portal

Group Logistics Portal provides a solution for the ease of Vehicle Movements.

Our solution provides a portal for dealers and for fleet management companies a single place to submit vehicles for movement.  Each movement is automatically made available to your vetted closed network of Logistic Companies who will accept and commit to your movement online.  You can choose your own preferred suppliers or add to the list from our partners as you increase your scale and demand using our profile pages of Logistic Providers.

No need to call or wait for a decision on a movement, simply launch the job to the logistics company/companies of your choice.

All of your Logistics Providers agree to a Pre-Agreed Cost Matrix.

For Dealers and Fleet Managers we help:

Provide a Portal to allow easy loading and distribution of movements

Help Centralise your Services

Give you the Ability to Scale and find more Providers as Needed


Transparent Costs

Excellent Cost Control

Scale and Service Level

Not an Auction